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Camping Cabopino, a haven in the great outdoors
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Bungalow and Facilities Renovations


Bungalow and Facilities Renovations



This winter will see the continuation of our facilities and activities improvements programme

As regards facilities, our main project will be the replacement of the 6 “Malaga” style cabins with 6 brand new Mobile Home style bungalows, all fully equipped with all “Mod Cons” - modern requirements and necessities - to ensure clients receive the best amenities that are available.

In undertaking this, we are adapting and responding to the continually increasing requirements and demands of the highly competitive Marbella and Costa del Sol tourism and leisure markets

With these, going camping will never be the same again.

If you wish well equipped with all amenities, comfortable accommodation with a touch of luxury, well this is it.

Our aim is to provide an unforgettable experience on all levels

Fully equipped with all “Mod Cons”, the accommodation, covering an area of 30square metres plus a large outside terrace area, consists of

·         A Spacious Living Room

·         Kitchenette

·         2 or 3 Bedrooms

·         Separate Private Bathroom with Shower

·         An Outside Terrace which, thanks to the benign climate in this area, can be used all year round.


They will accommodate between 2 and 6 people depending on model occupied and the number of bedrooms

Fully aware that, specifically in “C” and “D” streets, this development will greatly impact on our normal day to day operations and there will be a degree of upheaval disruption, dust and noise, from early morning and throughout the day.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused and stress we will make every effort to keep these to a minimum at all times.

Throughout the project we will endeavour to ensure that everyone is kept fully informed of progress and any developments and/or requirements which will affect the site relating to e.g. - Electricity outages/water/access routes/closures etc.



Bungalow Availability during the Project


Similarly, the development will affect and temporarily reduce availability of our remaining older bungalow models

With Malaga models out of use and possibly some others out of operation at times during the works, please enquire in Reception as to what is or will be available at any given time


Our Reception staff will be happy to advise keep everyone up to date on availability.




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