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Camping Cabopino, a haven in the great outdoors
Swimming Pools

Multi Adventure Park

Arborismo - Adventure Circuit in the Trees:
The circuit consists of a series of wooden platforms built into the trees at a height of 5 metres all interconnected by a chain of 9 differing style rope bridges of varying degrees of difficulty – e.g. Tibetan, Monkey, Malayan etc - hanging throughout the trees
Using an array of specialized equipment including harnesses, helmets, carabiners and pulleys all aspects are closely supervised by our specially trained monitors,
The time taken to complete the circuit is solely based on the ability and skill of the participants
All Participants must be a minimum of 9 years of age.

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Rope Slide:
25 metres in length with a steep descent, this is for those who enjoy an adrenalin rush!!
15 seconds of pure joy!
All aspects of the activity are closely monitored by our specially trainer supervisors
Each enthusiast, protected by a harness attached to a pulley fitted to a strong cable slides down the cable which is strung over a small river bed

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Climbing Wall:
A 6 metre high wooden structure, the wall has been specially designed to incorporate 3 climbing routes of varying difficulty.
All aspects of the activity are closely monitored by our specially trainer supervisors
Every climber has the opportunity to mentally and physically stretch himself/herself in terms of confronting any doubts regarding fear of heights and his/her skill, strength and dexterity as a climber.
To descend, the climber, as instructed by the supervisor, abseils down on a rope attached to a rope secured to the top of the wall. Holding the rope and with both feet flat to the wall, the climber walks downwards and slides down the rope

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