We usually start each camp with an orientation game, where the participants will have to look for clues with a map of the place and take fun tests.

This game will help participants to know how to locate themselves in our facilities and is a perfect first contact.

Paddle Surf

Paddle Surf is an activity of the sea that is easy to carry out on a board and with the help of a paddle with which you will have fun in a refreshing way by testing your balance

King Paddle Surf

Fun and laughter guaranteed. The understanding of the group will be the key to not falling into the water! This activity consists of a 5 meter long board with eight paddles capable of keeping up to 10 children afloat.


The initiation to surfing is a personal and sporting challenge that helps people of any age and physical condition, even those with some type of disability, to face a fun, exciting and overwhelming sport practice, to develop in the aquatic environment, for being surrounded by an environment, often unknown and, in conclusion, for making accessible that longed-for human maxim of being able to slide on water.

Sea Kayak

The kayak ensures a fun time and its practice is simple and refreshing.

We do it on a light boat made mostly of fiberglass or plastic, manned by one, two or three canoeists.


Climbing is an activity that consists of climbing, un-climbing or moving laterally using our whole body and mind to be able to move more easily and efficiently.

Children will learn a new sport where effort and personal improvement are a fundamental part.


Our suspended circuit is made up of different stages of difficulty where children, with all the safety measures, will put their skills to the test, will overcome vertigo and will experience unique sensations during its performance.

Our monitors ensure through harnesses and security measures that any child can complete the circuit without any danger.


Camping Cabopino zip line is suitable for all ages.

An exciting and dynamic activity where children will have a great time dropping down again and again.


Beach volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton and games on the beach, among others, are the complementary options to the main activities of the campsite.

We also perform sports gymkhanas both on land and in the water, promoting teamwork and relationships between group mates.

Long Board

A Long Skate or LONGBOARD is a 4-wheel resistant wooden board on which we can imitate the real surfers but, this time on the asphalt.

This ACTIVITY is carried out within our facilities without the need to leave the campsite. Skaters will be equipped with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads.

First, there will be a theoretical explanation of the activity before a practical demonstration of it.


Hiking is a sports activity in nature that allows the person who participates to know incredible landscapes that cannot be seen from a car ride.

This activity allows you to know the history of the landscapes that surround the campsite. They will discover magical places that enclose our surroundings, such as the natural area of the Dunas de Artola or the Litoral path.


They will learn the use of the bow and arrow, improving their aim with each shot.


Every night will be a magical night.

Heated night pool, musical games, night of wishes on the beach, or farewell disco are among others the evenings in which the young people together with the monitors will build indelible memories full of smiles.

In this activity a healthy competition is generated that will test the concentration and skill of the participants.