General Conditions GROUPS PACKAGES



Upon contracting any of our programs, the Client will be required to make an advance payment of 25% of the total amount. This payment should be made within the timeframe agreed upon by both parties. Once the reservation is confirmed with the appropriate advance payment, it becomes firm, and the remaining amount must be paid at least 7 business days before the Program’s start date.

The reservation will not be considered firm until the requested advance payment has been completed.

Together with this Contract, the Client will be informed of the corresponding amount for the contracted program. This amount could be modified by mutual agreement between the Client and Camping Cabopino if the number of participants substantially changes from the initial count or if services are modified or included compared to the initial program. If an agreement is not reached, the contract may be dissolved.

If the deposit for the firm reservation has not been paid within the agreed-upon time frame, Camping Cabopino will consider the reservation canceled.


Only the services included in the attached Program contracted with Camping Cabopino are covered by the price. In case of doubt, the Client should consult with us before the trip starts to avoid subsequent claims. As a general rule, a literal interpretation should be followed, concluding that any concept or service not specifically detailed is not included in the price.


The group must be accompanied by one or several responsible adults who stay in the assigned accommodations, preferably in the group’s area, if availability allows.

One gratuity will be offered for every 25 participants, exclusively for responsible chaperones and subject to available accommodations. If additional accommodations are required beyond those assigned for chaperones, these should be requested well in advance, and their cost consulted.


The minimum number of individuals required to ensure the departure of a group trip is detailed in the program offer and the pre-contractual information sent to the client.

If this minimum number is not met, the establishment may choose to terminate the contract and not proceed with the trip, or continue with it by covering the minimum expenses for its realization with the remaining participants, thus increasing the price per person for the trip.

As a general rule, the minimum number of participants will be 25. Groups with fewer than 25 participants might share cabin areas and monitors with another group or groups. There will always be 1 assigned monitor per group. In these cases, shared use of common areas, activities, and monitors is accepted.


After the advance payment is formalized, a list with participant information will be required. This list should indicate any allergies, intolerances, or other relevant information for the camp’s development or special needs.

Juvancamp SL will ensure the confidentiality of this data in accordance with GDPR.

All participants must provide their health insurance card. Additionally, an identity document is necessary for all individuals over 16 years of age.


Entry and exit times for the facilities will be established based on agreed-upon activities and services. The entry and exit times for accommodations will generally be as follows, unless specific exceptions have been arranged in advance and in writing: Access to bungalows will be possible starting from 4:00 PM on the program’s start day. Bungalows should be vacated on the camp’s end day before breakfast. A place to store luggage will be provided until the group’s departure, which normally follows the standard program and takes place after lunch.


For minors, mobile phones will be collected by monitors or teachers/chaperones (as agreed upon in advance) upon arrival at the camp. This measure aims to prevent losses, breakages, or inappropriate use. As a general rule, phones will be returned to each student before dinner for approximately 1 hour to allow them to contact their families.

In case participants do not bring mobile phones, they should be aware that there are no public telephones in the camp. The reception landline will be available for specific and emergency cases.


Our staff is not authorized to administer any medication as they are not medical personnel. If a participant needs medication during the camp, parents must authorize and coordinate the administration and timing of the participant’s medication with the teachers or group chaperones.


At the end of the camp, before leaving the premises, the cabins will be inspected. In the case of damage, breakage due to misuse, or extreme dirtiness, the group’s responsible parties will be informed if this entails an additional cost. In such cases, this cost should be covered by the parents/guardians of the responsible student(s).


In the case of voluntary departure from the camp, a document must be signed by the father, mother, or legal guardian before picking up the student. In such cases, there will be no reimbursement for the unused days.


The camp is not responsible for the loss of valuable objects by participants or theft.


The camp will be organized by a coordinator who will supervise and support the work of the monitors.

The monitor ratio will be determined based on the necessary staff for the proper development of the scheduled activities, and this ratio may vary depending on the activities.

Our monitors are available at all times, except during established break times. During break times, accompanying responsible adults must supervise until the activities commence.


Once the travel date is confirmed, there will be a 14-day period to make an advance payment as a reservation deposit (25% of the total). The remaining cost of the trip must be paid at least 10 days before the group’s arrival. In case of delays in the payment schedule established in these conditions, Activandalucía reserves the right to cancel the reservation. From the organizing company’s side, individual spots can be canceled in the case of individual payments, or the entire reservation if the payment is collective.

Cancellations will result in the following penalties based on the advance notice from the arrival date:

  • €3 per participant as a management fee if the cancellation occurs more than 30 days in advance.
  • 25% of the total trip price (advance payment) if the cancellation occurs between 30 and 15 days before arrival.
  • 100% of the total trip cost if the cancellation occurs between 7 days and the start, if the participant does not show up, or if they must leave the trip for any reason, including expulsion.

Special cases:

  • Individual cancellations: Individual cancellations within the group are possible, provided they do not exceed 20% of the initial agreed-upon total number of participants and as long as the remaining total number of participants does not fall below 20. Such cases are entitled to a refund of the amount paid in advance, minus management fees. Cancellations within the last 7 days must be accompanied by a medical certificate to be eligible for a refund.
  • Cancellations due to health reasons on a general level: Any cancellation resulting from the health authorities’ recommendation or mandate not to travel or mobility restrictions imposed by the administration will be eligible for reimbursement without any costs.


The standard program will serve as a model for crafting each group’s specific program. The activities’ order may change, and some activities could be modified based on group characteristics (number of children, age), weather conditions, or organization needs during peak times.


The insured party, JUVANCAMP SL, currently holds liability insurance with REALE insurance company and specific active tourism insurance with Berkley, covering all activities practiced during the stay.


The payment of the reservation implies the acceptance of the included conditions.